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Takashige Yamashita

Principal  / Qualified first class architect in Japan

Obtained a Bachelors degree in Architecture from Tokai University in 2002, and a Master’s degree in Architecture from Tokyo University of Arts in 2005. After working for ‘Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa / SANAA’ from 2005 until 2015, founded Takashige Yamashita Office. Currently an adjunct professor at Kyoto University of the Arts, Kanagawa University and Taylor's University.

YoungAh Kang



Graduated from the University of Toronto School of Architecture in 2009, and studied at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Architecture until she left to start working at SANAA in 2011. Upon completion of MArch (DRL) at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in 2016, joined Takashige Yamashita Office in 2017. Currently an adjunct professor at Tokyo Designer Gakuin and Taylor’s University.



Children's forest(2023ShizuokaPreschool)

​・Reception on the ridge(2021ShizuokaHotel)

​・Clinic in the woods(2020SaitamaDental Clinic)

​・2NO project(2017-ShizuokaMedical Spa)

Toranoko Nursery(2016YamanashiNursery)

 Experiences in SANAA  /  Kazuyo Sejima and Associates

Sydney The New Art Gallery of NSW(2015/Sydney/Museum)Competition

・Taichung City Cultural Center(2014/Taichung/Library・Museum)SD

Junko Fukutake Hall(2013/Okayama/Auditorium)CD

Nishinoyama House(2013/Kyoto/Row House)CD

・Toyo Kitchen Style LUCE(2012/Tokyo/Interior)SD・DD・CD

・Hyundai Card Concert Hall(2012/Seoul/Concert Hall・Gallery)SD・DD

・Paris Housing(2012/Paris/Apartment)SD・DD

Louvre - Lens(2012/Lens/Museum)SD・CD

・Hitachi Station Public Toilet(2011/Ibaragi/Public Toilet)SD・DD

・Carina Store(2009/Tokyo/Shop)SD・DD・CD

・Seijo Town House(2007/Tokyo/Row House)SD・DD・CD


Japan Architecture of the Year 2022 Selected by the JIA「Reception on the ridge」(2022)

​・Kumano-cho Experience Exchange Facility Competition, Finalist(2022)

Taipei Design Award「Reception on the ridge」 Distinction(2022/Taiwan)

Taipei Design Award「Clinic in the woodsDistinction(2022/Taiwan)

SD Review 「Children's forest 」(2022)

Japan Association of Architectural Firms Award 「Clinic in the woods」(2022)

Tokyo Architecture Award 「Clinic in the woods」(2022)

Japan Architecture of the Year 2021 Selected by the JIA「Clinic in the woods」(2021)

​・Fukuyama Police Station Competition, 2nd place entry(2021)

Kumamoto Artpolis Project - Everfield Wood Factory Competition, Finalist(2020)

Taipei International Design AwardToranoko Nursery」Bronze Prize(2019Taiwan)

Architecture Asia Awards for Emerging Architects「Toranoko Nursery」Gold Prize(2019Malaysia

AIJ Young Architects Award for Selected Architectural Designs「Toranoko Nursery」(2019)

Bauwelt Award 2019:First Works「Toranoko Nursery」Prize Winner(2019Germany)

Japan Architecture of the Year 2017 Selected by the JIA「Toranoko Nursery」(2017)

Yamanashi Cultural Prize of Architecture「Toranoko Nursery」(2017)

2A Asia Architecture Award「Public」Shortlisted(2017UAE)

2A Asia Architecture Award「Future Projects & Innovative Designs」Shortlisted(2016UAE)

SD Review 「Toranoko Nursery 」(2016)

JIA Architectural Lighting Design Competition「ELW t=6.8」 Honorable Mention(2015)

・Quaderns International Housing Competition in Catalonia, 1st Prize(2004)

・Display Design Competition, 1st prize(2004)

・TEPCO Inter-University Design Competition, Honorable Mention(2004)

・Daikanyama Installation, Honorable Mention(2003)

・Nisshin Kogyo Architectural Design Competition, 3rd Prize(2003)

・Space Design Competition, Honorable Mention(2003)

・JIA Kanagawa Competition of Graduating Student’s Work, Honorable Mention(2002)


The 40th Exhibition of Winning Architectural Drawings and Models(2022/Daikanyama Hillside Terrace/Tokyo)

BAU 2019「Toranoko Nursery」(2019Messe MuenchenGermany) 

Presentation「Y project -NAR-」(2018GA GalleryTokyo)

ATARASHII KENCHIKU NO TANOSHISA「N project -2NO-」 (2018Re-Sohko GalleryTokyo)

The 35th Exhibition of Winning Architectural Drawings and Models(2016/Daikanyama Hillside Terrace/Tokyo)

・Re : ?(2004/IDEE Aoyama/Tokyo)

・Quaderns Competition Winner’s exhibition(2004/Forum Barcelona/Spain)

・Daikanyama Installation(2003/Daikanyama b-town/Tokyo )

・JIA Kanagawa Graduating Student’s Work(2002/Yokohama Cultural Center/Yokohama)

・Exhibition of Computer Aided Architectural Design(2002/Ochanomizu Square/Tokyo)

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