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Located on the southeastern flank of Mt. Fuji, the project creates a spacious spa area in a forest exploiting the natural hot spring on the site.

The building is integrated into its natural environment taking advantage of the sloped landscape of the site. Interior programs including the spa and cafe area are sitting on the hill, softly covered by a roof layer sitting on the top level of the site contour where the entrance from the adjacent road is located.

The roof top area creates a green balcony towards the forest as an extension of the existing scenery. It provides a public biotope garden and an observation platform for birdwatching or the view of Mt. Fuji to the northwest and, on sunny days when the sight is good enough, Suruga Bay to the southwest.

Down on the ground floor level towards the forest, a trail allows the visitors to take a walk among the trees and art pieces on display along the path. 

Location:Shizuoka, Japan/Program:Medical Spa, Hotel, Cafe/​Site area:12484.92m2/Building area:4993.97m2/Total floor area:6903.97m2/Structure・Scale:Steel frame+Reinforced concrete​, 1F+B1F

Exhibition:Atarashii Kenchiku no Tanoshisa@Re-Sohko Gallery

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