Clinic in the woods(2020)

This project is a dental clinic in Saitama prefecture, Japan.


The site is flourished with old Zelkova trees from ancient times, providing a green environment for the family house and the dental clinic of the client for last 60 years.


The treatment offered at the existing clinic are general, orthodontic and pediatric dentistry. The demand on orthodontics has been on the rise in recent years, that the client decided to make an annex for treating the new orthodontic and pediatric patients.


Based on the idea of the client, “dental health is founded on balancing mind with body,” the new dental clinic is envisioned with a playground for the children. Furthermore, to support the education of young dentists and to enhance welfare benefits for the working staff, the annex building provides a multipurpose space that can hold training/seminars and a nursery room.


The main design idea is to have the dental clinic mixed with the trees, by incorporating the existing garden into the building so as to provide the natural environment and ensure the privacy simultaneously. The garden and the plaza area are scattered across the clinic that the patients and children can relax while they are not on the medical treatment. The overall appearance of the clinic is to be conceived as a gathering of forest huts with its roofs resembling a continuous configuration of mountains and valleys, in order to harmonize with the existing houses and context.

Location:Niiza-shi, Saitama, Japan 

Program:Dental Clinic

​Site area:789.50m2

Building area:430.88m2

Total floor area:299.38m2

Structure・Scale:Steel frame、1 stories

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