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GA JAPAN 182  "100 details -Clinic in the woods- "(01/May/2023, A.D.A EDITA Tokyo)

GA JAPAN 179 GA Hiroba "Children's Forest"(01/Nov/2022, A.D.A EDITA Tokyo)

Japan Architecture of the Year 2021-2022  "Clinic in the woods"(Jun/2022, JIA)

Shinkenchiku 2022:02 Special Issue "Toranoko Nursery"(22/Feb/2022, SHINKENCHIKU-SHA)

GA JAPAN 168 "Clinic in the woods"(01/Jan/2021, A.D.A EDITA Tokyo)

KJ 2019.8 ”Tokyo criticism”(1/Aug/2019, KJ)

Selected Architectural Designs 2019 "Toranoko Nursery"(20/Mar/2019, AIJ)

Bauwelt 1.2019 "Toranoko Nursery"(11/Jan/2019, Germany)

SOUTHEAST ASIA BUILDING July-August 2018 "Toranoko Nursery"(1/Jul/2018, Singapore)

Japan Architecture of the Year 2017   "Toranoko Nursery"(13/Jun/2018, JIA)

2018 Details Architecture Annual Vol.3  "Toranoko Nursery"(1/Jun/2018, South Korea)

GA JAPAN 151  "100 details -Toranoko Nursery- "(01/Mar/2018, A.D.A EDITA Tokyo)

​・Modern Decoration Vol.427 "Toranoko Nursery"(1/Feb/2018, China)

Archiworld No.272  "Toranoko Nursery"(3/Jan/2018, South Korea)

DETAIL No.215 "Toranoko Nursery"(17/Dec/2017, SHOKOKUSHA)

​・Interior world No.159  "Toranoko Nursery"(1/Nov/2017, South Korea)

I-HOSPITAL & WELFARE "Toranoko Nursery"(1/Nov/2017, South Korea)

ARCHITECT Magazine "Toranoko Nursery"(1/Sep/2017, American Institute of Architects)

Cubes Issue 86 "Toranoko Nursery"(7/Jun/2017, Singapore)

Japan Forest Products Journal "Toranoko Nursery"(23/May/2017, Japan Lumber Reports)

Architecture & DETAIL "A Nursery with a Big Roof in Japan"(Apr/2017, China)

2A Architecture & Art Magazine "A small nursery with a big roof"(13/Mar/2017, UAE)

Shinkenchiku 2017:03 "Toranoko Nursery"(01/Mar/2017, SHINKENCHIKU-SHA)

​・GA JAPAN 144 "Toranoko Nursery"(01/Jan/2017, A.D.A EDITA Tokyo)

SD 2016 "Toranoko Nursery"(10/Dec/2016, Kajima Institute Publishing)

GA JAPAN 143 GA Hiroba "Toranoko Nursery"(01/Oct/2016, A.D.A EDITA Tokyo)

Architectural Criticism ”Tokyo criticism”(3/Mar/2004, Nishida Syoten)

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