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The project is an interior design of a lounge area located on the 13th floor of a high-rise residential tower in Chongqing, China. Almost half of the plan is occupied by a 40-meter-tall atrium that penetrates 7 floors above.


The main project floor is connected to the commercial area in the neighborhood, thus the lounge is not entirely for the residents of the building but is rather a public space for anybody around. We suggested to create an open plaza for cultural exchange by installing a huge multipurpose stage and a cafe in the lounge where a variety of art events would be held, while the balcony would provide a venue for occasional pop-up stores.


The stage is to be located in the center of the atrium, through which reflective metal ribbons meander in different shapes at each slab level, illuminating ripple-like patterns of light on the floor and walls that create a dramatic atmosphere over the scene. Around this open court on the above floors is a corridor, from which the residents can also enjoy the interior garden of the light. As the color of the carpet on each floor differs, looking down on the courtyard would also offer a vivid scenery, unique at each level. 

The shiny strips continue to crawl over the ceiling of the entire lounge and resemble low hovering clouds with a silver lining, reflecting the position of the project area as a mid-floor lounge as well.

Location:Chongqing, China/Program:Lounge, Cafe, Event space​/Total floor area:200m2​

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