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The project was a proposal for the Oshima Ferry Terminal competition.

Oshima is a small but a very characteristic island located in the Seto Inland Sea in Japan. The competition was mainly seeking for a place for both local residents and tourists to the region.


We suggested an open pavilion that reflects the traditional townscape in harmony with the relaxed atmosphere of Oshima full of nature. While the round (Marumaru) plan welcomes people approaching from all directions, the serrated (Gizagiza) elevation displays an extension of the existing roofs of the village and further resonates the horizon of the Seto Inland Sea filled with islands and mountains. This distinctive shape of the pavilion would become a symbolic landmark of the region.


The plaza is to visually and culturally connect the visitors to the environment of the island. Not only as an information center for the tourists, the place also functions as a market for the locals to present and sell the specialty products of the island or provides a venue for local events where the residents and the visitors interact.


The pavilion is designed to shape a new but intimate scenery, integrating the natural and cultural properties of the island.

Location:Ehime, Japan/Program:Community center/​Site area:230m2/Building area:188m2/Total floor area:100m2/Structure・Scale:Wood, 1F

​※Proposal for competition

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