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Clinic in the woods(2020)

The area around the site has been largely occupied by zelkova trees for centuries, some of which still remains in the garden of the client. There stand residential properties and dentistry the client’s family has run for last 60 years surrounded by the greenery. Along with the increasing demands for latter services, the client decided to build an annex for dental and orthodontic treatments for children.

We have suggested a clinic standing among and along with the trees around the site, as part of the flow of landscape from the client's garden extending towards the town. Mixed up with the small forests introduced in between the volumes and soaring through the roof, the treatment rooms offer a calm, comfortable scene embraced in nature that would soothe the anxiety of little patients and their family. The shrubs also work as an adequate privacy safeguards for each area.

The clinic provides a gym for chiropractic and exercise programs in conjunction with medical treatments, based on the client’s belief “Oral health comes with physical and mental health.” The exercise room also serves public workout classes for the locals.

The spacious lounge and balconies are open for the neighbors to drop by even without an appointment. Children from the kindergarten next to the clinic have a casual access to simply relax waiting for their pickup or joining the dance session in the gym. They get familiar with the dentistry this way which helps easing tense when they actually come for a treatment.

Surrounded by greenery, not only does the clinic create a relaxing atmosphere for visitors but it further proposes a place to embrace and grow children in the community.

Location:Niiza-shi, Saitama, Japan 

Program:Dental Clinic

​Site area:789.50m2

Building area:430.88m2

Total floor area:299.38m2

Structure・Scale:Steel frame 1 story


Photo credit:Kenichi Suzuki

Publication:GA JAPAN 168/GA JAPAN 182

Award:Japan Architecture of the year 2021/Tokyo Architecture Award 2022/JAAF Award 2022/Taipei Design Award 2023

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