Clinic in the woods(2020)

The project is a pediatric dental & orthodontic clinic located in Saitama, Japan.


The area around the site has been largely occupied by zelkova trees for centuries, some of which still remains in the garden of the client. There stand houses and dentistry the client’s family has run for last 60 years in the greenery.


The existing clinic mainly offers regular dental care while it occasionally treats orthodontic and pediatric patients. Along with the increasing demands for latter services, the client decided to build an annex for dental and orthodontic treatments for children.


We have suggested a clinic standing among and along with the trees on and around the site, as part of the flow of woods from the garden to the town. Mixed up with the small forests introduced in between the volumes and soaring through the roof, the building offers a comfortable space to stay within nature and soothe the anxiety of little patients, while the groves also work as an adequate privacy safeguards for each room.


The place provides not only treatment rooms but a gym as well for chiropractic and exercise programs planned in conjunction with dental treatments, based on the belief of the client in the idea “Oral health comes with overall physical and mental health.”


The continuing mountain-and-valley roof covering the rooms and gardens is perforated allowing sunlight penetration into the room, enough as well for growing plants underneath. Its folded shape, which resembles the gable roofs of the neighboring houses, structurally enables a self-supportive system with a minimum amount of column that the roof stretches out and forms a cantilever canopy at the entrance plaza and over the garden open towards.

Location:Niiza-shi, Saitama, Japan 

Program:Dental Clinic

​Site area:789.50m2

Building area:430.88m2

Total floor area:299.38m2

Structure・Scale:Steel frame 1 story


Publication:GA JAPAN 168