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Yeoui-Naru Ferry Terminal is lightly floating on the Han river, slightly touching the riverbank of Yeouido.

Visitors coming from the city will face the illusionary screen stretching horizontally over the river. This bubbly veil reinterprets the scenery of the Han river and the cityscape of Seoul like a mirage.
The slender shape of Yeoui-Naru is adapting the flow of the river and the wind, minimizing any resistance to the nature in both attitudinal and physical aspects.

The terminal building is not a completely enclosed space; it rather forms an open corridor for taking a walk above the water. The tour may continue horizontally and also vertically following the decks hovering at different heights to have a variety of view.

The curvy pontoon islands extend the riverside park and drop them onto the waterfront. The small hills and valleys on the islands create a variety of places for the visitors to experience the Han river in diverse ways.

We envision Yeoui-Naru to be a new iconic figure of the Han river and Seoul worldwide, where residents and tourists visit to relax and interact with each other. 

Location:Seoul, South Korea/Program:Ferry terminal/Building area:2100m2/Total floor area:3600m2/Structure・Scale:RC+Steel frame,​ 3F

​※Proposal for competition

Exhibition:Presentation@GA Gallery

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