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It is a proposal submitted to a competition for Fukuyama Police Station. The entry won a second place.


Fukuyama is historically acknowledged for its ship manufacturing industry and steel plants, which is well demonstrated on the iron protection plates applied to the walls of Fukuyama castle few centuries ago, the only case that used steel on traditional castle in Japan. Roses are another famous feature of Fukuyama city not simply as one of specialty products but standing for the spiritual core of the citizen during and since the restoration era after war.  We intended to incorporate these characteristic features of the city connoting strength and tenderness in our proposal.


There are two main elements - ‘welcome roof’ that greet and draw people casually under its wings and ‘koban box’ standing firm to protect the security of the area. Formed with a series of curved steel surfaces, the roof resembles the soft movement of traditional roof of the castle, while it also reminds some viewers of the curled shape of rose petal.


The project is designed to become a symbolic figure conveying strength and softness of Fukuyama through its indigenous as well as historical elements that inherit the spirit of craftsmanship and legacy of technology to provide reliable and friendly protection for the town.

Location:Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima, Japan 
Program:Police station
Site area:184m2
Building area:114m2
Total floor area:92m2
Structure・Scale:Steel frame / 2F
※Second place entry

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