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The project was a multi functional center planned in Gotemba, Shizuoka, to host children’s welfare & support facility.


Our proposal was to create a continuous entrance canopy over the site through the passages, embracing and connecting both existing and new facilities that are spread out over the places, as it naturally leaves the rest of the space open to be utilized as a green plaza and parking area.


The prestressed concrete canopy is extended from the roof over the facility blocks and slightly draws a curve on a slope way, forming constantly changing ceiling height that the scenery is framed in various shapes as one walks through.


It is programmed for caring and assisting children from the area including after-school classroom, consultation room ran by the city, and a multifunctional hall that also offers events involving the community - the entire town is welcome to interact with each other here.

Location:Shizuoka, Japan 

Program:Children welfare facility

​Site area:3595m2

Building area:1680m2

Total floor area:780m2

Structure・Scale:Steel frame+Reinforced concrete 1F

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